Using Reflection is the interview podcast that makes engineering personal!

Guests reflect on their engineering journey, discuss what they value about engineering and reflect on skills they have come to recognize in themselves and successful teams.

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IOT and Real-Time Data:

  • Keen Home engineering lead and trebuchet competitor(!) Vijay Parikh.
  • Fangjin Yang, Druid co-author and Imply co-founder and CEO
  • Concord co-founder and Akamai RT Data and IOT product manager Shinji Kim


  • Placedapp founder and former Nomic engineering lead Aaron Boyd. Mining a better recruiting pipeline.
  • Longtime gaming engineer and founder and current CTO Andrew Marsh.


NEW! Hayden Cacace - Gaming as Learning, Gaming as Life

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"The more conversations you have with me you'll notice I'm both always talking about gaming and never talking about gaming."