Eli Goodman

"Doing Good and Stopping Time"

Topics: Continuous Delivery, Managing Engineers, Meditation, Social Responsibility, Software Engineering, Teamwork, Team Leadership

Companies: Headspace, Wireless Generation


In this episode we are joined by Eli Goodman, lead platform engineer at Headspace. Eli discusses his desire to have world-changing impact, and the responsibility that he feels comes with the privilege of being an engineer in this era of small teams able to touch millions of lives. We also go deep on how perceptions of time shape a team’s approach to productivity, and examine the many facets and subtle psychology of truly “continuous” continuous delivery.

Guest Bio

Eli Goodman is a lead platform engineer at Headspace. Previously, he was the CTO of Union Station and a Director of Engineering at Etsy. In his non-computer time, he’s way into ecstatic dance, hiking, visual art, and plants. He lives in Los Angeles with his kitten, Benji.





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