Fangjin Yang - "Trying to Build That Massive Machine"

Topics: AdTech, Analytics, Founding, Managing Engineers, Open Source, Recruiting, Startups, Teamwork and Team Leadership, Time Series Databases

Companies: Imply, Metamarkets

Projects: Druid


What's it like to work at one of the largest tech companies in the world, Cisco, then be in the first 10 at Metamarkets, a high-growth tech startup? To co-create a successful open source time series database, Druid, and then co-found and become CEO of a Valley-based, venture-backed startup, Imply, that is building and selling a product on top of the open source project? In this episode we'll find out, as we talk to Imply CEO  and co-founder Fangjin Yang. Why is being an engineer first a key to managing product development and to building an engineering team? Why is the data market so complicated, and what is different about Druid? Why should everyone work at both a big and small company?

We'll answer these questions and more in Episode 0012 of "Using Reflection"

Guest Bio

Fangjin Yang is the co-founder and CEO of Imply, makers of an event analytics platform built on the open-source Druid data store. Previously, Fangjin was a lead engineer at Metamarkets and the co-creator of Druid. He was an early engineer at Metamarkets, which was recently acquired by Snap, and also took on multiple non-technical roles for the Druid project, including community and business development and marketing. Before that Fangjin was a software engineer at Cisco Systems. He holds Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Waterloo.





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