Using Reflection is the podcast where engineers tell their stories!

Guests reflect on their engineering journey, discuss what they value about engineering and reflect on skills they have come to recognize in themselves and successful teams.

Great Guests Coming Up!

  • "Accidental Engineer" podcast host and Madefire platform lead Max Mautner
  • Twitter software engineer Alex Huras
  • ElementAI Chief Architect and veteran AI entrepreneur Jeremy Barnes
  • Etsy Staff Engineer and blogger/advocate for tech recruiting reform Will Gallego
  • Datamarx CTO, serial entrepreneur and social app builder Shashank Singh

Latest Episode: Designing and engineering skyscrapers with Arup Structural Engineer David de Koning

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"You never know which project is going to have something really truly wonderful in it. I try to always go in with my eyes open, and a hopeful heart. It's very much behind the scenes, but with a real impact."

- David de Koning